JSR to make Yamanaka Hutech, a manufacturer of high-purity chemicals for semiconductors, a wholly owned subsidiary

The acquisition will expand JSR’s product portfolio into cutting-edge deposition materials

Tokyo, Japan – May 16, 2024 - JSR Corporation (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO and President: Eric Johnson; hereinafter "JSR") reached an agreement with Yamanaka Hutech Corporation (Headquarters: Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture; President: Tsuyoshi Moriwaki; hereinafter "YHC") to acquire all of its shares and make it a wholly owned subsidiary. The share purchase agreement was signed on May 15, 2024. YHC manufacturs and sells high-purity chemicals for semiconductor manufacturing.

The evolution of semiconductor devices has relied heavily on miniaturization through lithography technology and innovations in device structures. In order to achieve advanced and complex device structures, Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) and Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) technologies, which enable the highly controlled formation of dense films, are essential, and CVD/ALD precursors used for those technologies are extremely important.

YHC has maintained its advanced molecular design, synthesis technology, and quality control system since its establishment in 1960, and has a track record of more than 60 years of supplying high-quality CVD/ALD precursors to leading-edge semiconductor device manufacturers. In particular, YHC is highly competitive in some ALD material areas.

Through this share acquisition, YHC's CVD/ALD precursors for semiconductors will be added to JSR’s product portfolio, which has been centered on photoresists, and JSR will strengthen its capability to generate greater customer value as a global supplier of semiconductor materials.

The transaction is expected to close in August 2024, after the completion of several processes, including regulatory approvals. The share acquisition price is undisclosed.

JSR has leverages our core strengths in R&D and technological innovation to develop new materials, conduct superior quality control, establish supply chain management systems, and build trust with leading-edge semiconductor customers. Through the expansion of JSR’s product portfolio in the field of advanced semiconductor materials, JSR will further transform itself into a leading global materials supplier that can maximize customer value in the semiconductor industry, play a leading role in industry restructuring, grow together with our customers, and contribute to society.

We are pleased to have YHC join JSR Group. YHC has exceptional technological competences, and I am sure they will strengthen our capabilities not only in miniaturization but also in device structure innovation. We are determined to strengthen our position as a trusted leader in the semiconductor materials industry, and to grow as a world-leading company. Official Comments from Eric Johnson, Representative Director, CEO and President, JSR

We are pleased to become a member of the JSR Group. Through close cooperation with JSR, we will improve the speed of product development and manufacture stable and high-quality products. We are committed to providing our customers with higher quality products and services than ever before and look forward to your continued support. Official Comments from Tsuyoshi Moriwaki, President of YHC

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